A big region in Antarctica is German, it is now called "Neuschwabenland".  German scientists in the 19th century were the first who surrounded and measured Antarctica.  They separated Antarctica into several parts for many diffferent useful countries.  The size of each region was almost the same.  In 1935, the Nazi government sent there a ship called Schwabenland.  Because of that, the region was renamed Neuschwabenland.


This region was never related to Borg.


This region is quite interesting.  Usually it is quite cold there, about -50° Celsius.  But in the middle, there is as lake that is warm, about +17° Celsius, with beautiful plants and grass. Many Americans moved there for studying this lake.  It was also documented in the American movie "The Arrival" of 1996, but the pictures there were not correct.


There live even now Germans who call themselves "Neudeutsche".  These are German scientists from the nazi time, who left the Hitler system quite early and worked totally on there own.  They were able to create a lot of UFOs, who are round and fast and very good, much better than the American triangles of the snakes.


They were attacked in 1947 by the American admiral Byrd, because the government thought that these were nazis, but they aren't, they left the nazi regime before it became evil.  Admiral Byrd was forced to throw 3 atomic boms.  But the UFO constructors were able, to change the directions of the nuclear weapons.  They were redirected into the atmosphere.  That created the ozon hole in Antarctica.  Everyone should know about this hole.  The Germans were able to fix it later on, such that it is no more dangerous now.  


These UFO builders are not real Germans, most of them are incarnations from outer space.  They incarnated on Earth to fight against evil repiles.  But that was a long time ago, the space ship reptiles are friendly, though not perfectly positive.