Germans on the Moon



There are NASA movies from the Apollo project that document that on the backside of the moon, there is a big swastika on the ground of the moon, see e.g. and many more related webpages.  That swastika has the form of a large enterprise.


There is also an American movie that is only available in USA, not in Europe.  It is called "2018".  You should know that the number "18" is the mason number for Adolph Hitller - 1 for the letter A and 8 for the letter H.  This movie shows that the Germans conquered the moon and arrested all incoming American Apollo 11 pilots.  But its quite funny.  For example, the Germans tried to conquer USA with a zeppelin and so on.  But the title number is noteworthy.


The nazi system had official UFOs called Haunebu 1-3.  You find a lot of information on many websites, e.g. Wikipedia Nazi UFOs.  So this swastika enterprise on the backside of the moon is real official nazi stuff, so it is of no good.


Why stopped USA the moon landing so many decades ago?  That's quite abnormal.