Aldebaran is a solar system 68 light years away.  Due to the speed limitation of photon-light, it is impossible to reach that starting in matter, like on the normal part of the earth or other material planets.  But it is possible to be faster than light, when one starts at so-called soul regions, either of the Earth or other planets.


There is a group of Aldebaranians, who live in the inside of the Earth (Hollow Earth).  They were found at 1928 by a US polar researcher named Richard E. Byrd, later on he became admiral.  This polar researcher used the hollow entry point near the North Pole, which cannot be used often.  Byrd, the polar researcher, published his discovery of the Aldebaranians inside the planet in an English diary.  Unfortunately the American government falsified this book, by saying that he was there in 1947 and that these Aldebaranians were nazis.  Later on this book just vanished.  In America they only tell about "The hidden Diary of Admiral Byrd".  There is only a complete German translation, with the wrong year 1947 instead of 1928, but otherwise it seems to be correct: Das Tagebuch des Admiral Byrd.


For more information of the Hollow Earth, look in the internet at Google or Wikipedia.


It is a question to guess where these Aldebaranians came from.  It is said that they originately came from the Earth.  They had an UFO, which could fly also to the soul region belonging to the Earth.  From there, they could reach an Aldebaranian planet without a speed limitation.  There they became themselves Aldebaranians using their advanced technique.  All human-like beings there had blond hair and blue eyes, not by nature, but by advanced biology.  The mail beings had a size of about 2.3-2.5 meters (8 feed), while the women had about 2.1 meters (7 feed).  Moreover the life time can be enlarged very much.  Michio Kaku, a professor for physics in New York, promissed something similar on Earth after about 2100 AD.


The Aldebaranians tought about time traveling.  Therefore the former earth habitants learned that and got a time traveling machine.  With that they returned to the earth.  There they went to Atlantis and Sumer (later on Babylon, now Irak).  Finally they moved to the inside of the Earth in the 20th century.