Pole Jump



This is about real help from Outer Space.


In the years 2002/2003 in Germany, there was an interview with UFO pilots from somewhere in this galaxy, who fixed the earth physically.  This interview is only in German.  It is published at the German website ich-bin-liebetroepfchen-gottes.de about 7 dimensions (angels and physics), you can get the interview from this link.


At that time, a pole jump could occur.  As that would produce tsunamis with a height larger than 1000 meters (more than half a mile).  That would be the end of mankind.  These pilots could prevent such a pole jump twice and could also fix something.


They also kept a large space ship nearby if the pole jump would occur nevertheless.  During the time of a running tsunami, they planned to transport many humans into their space ship.  They even changed an earth-like planet in cause something worse would happen to our planet.


But they wanted to free only the humans, who had their own free will.  But most of mankind was controled and possessed by the voice terrorists or snakes.  So they could not find humans with a free will.  Unfortunately they decided to leave the earth without further help.


But their fixing was good enough for keeping things ok here since about 2002/2003.  We hope their help will last much longer in the future, such that no pole jump will occur.  Thru the mind controlers, humans including all scientists are too dull for saving our planet.


So mankind can get friends from outer space, if the voices in the mind will be terminated.