For getting information about Borg look at for the title "We are the Borg".  You will find about 150 TV series collections, in which you can check that Borg never can exist.  A short cut is found under "We are the Borg 2013" with the length "6:44".


There you find also the 4 phrases of attacking Borg:

  1. "We are the Borg"
  2. "You will be assimilated"
  3. "Resistance is futile"
  4. "You are assimilated"

The word "assimilated" means integration into the Borg system, i.e. the living parts stopped and the former human made into a machine only.



Non-existing Borg in Gitler's Emulator


The system of voices said to all humans "You are high enough, you do not become a Borg".  By that, Borg never existed in the whole earth history, Gitler's matrix-like computer emulator.


The Borg concept was stolen from Star Trek Voyager.  The thieves wanted to change humans into machines that were totally controlled by computers and the like.


Also Neuschwabenland, the German region at Antarctica, has nothing to do with Borg.  The humans are extremely dull.



Existing Borgs in Pygmy's Emulator


The programer Pygmy had created about 150 Borg space-ships.


Luckily a Borg queen did now longer follow the living-towards-machine trash.  So she terminated all Borg ships and their machine content.


Pygmy said that he invented the Borg - hopefully that's true.


After all Borg vanished, Gitler was allowed to turn off his emulator.